Pier Paolo Calzolari. Giornata

text by Luciana Rogozinski
format: 16,5 x 22,5 cm
date of publication: June 2003
images: 40 col e b/n
binding: softbound
language: Italian/English
isbn 978877571608


This catalogue was published on the occasion of Pier Paolo Calzolari’s solo exhibition at Galleria Giorgio Persano in Turin from 17 May to 31 July 2001. A critical essay by Luciana Rogozinski accompanies the images to explore the themes of Calzolari’s art and pauses to analyse his works, grasping their poetics and meaning: “Annunciation, Revelation, Trace: to indicate the transit of the luminous substance in the world’s day, Calzolari’s images are organised like an itinerary by stations. But this journey opens up like a theatre rose: wandering between one and another station in space, the pilgrims of the vision become witnesses and, in the acts of their own bewilderment or ecstasy, parts of the same landscape of the image: ‘figures’.” (Luciana Rogozinski)

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