Per Barclay

pages: 127
format: 21 x 27 cm
date of publication: February 2000
package: paperback
language: Italian/English
isbn 9788877571106


This volume is the catalogue of the exhibition of the artist Per Barclay held at the Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea in Trento, from 22 January to 12 March 2000.
The volume is edited by Vittoria Coen and contains texts by Vittoria Coen, Micheal Vincent Tarantino, Karin Hellandsjø and Lars O. Ericsson.

Per Barclay (Oslo, 1955) is a Norwegian art historian and sculptor who lives and works between Turin and Oslo.
In line with the assumptions of the conceptual reinterpreted through Arte Povera, Barclay uses different media such as photography, installation, object sculpture and later sound to develop his work around a single experience, that of space. His art develops along four fundamental lines of work that coexist over time: interiors, installations, works embedded in nature and finally bodies. Going beyond the usual coordinates linked to different expressive media, the artist seeks a dialogue between architectural space and the human interior, where each element flows into the work in a psychological balance constantly calibrated on the edge of disquiet. For Barclay, like a stage director, he works in real space and transforms it into a fictitious place, telling another story. The room becomes a scene, a scene at the disposal of the artist/director, who uses it to create the work. The reflection and duplication of the image, the ambiguity cleverly conferred on the liquid elements (oil, water, blood) are essential components of the work.

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