Alfredo Romano

texts by Elio Cappuccio, Francesco Gallo, Agnes Kohlmeyer, Salvatore Lacagnina, Enrico Pedrini
pages: 92
format: 21 x 28 cm
date of publication: April 2002
images: 42 b/w, 40 col.
binding: paperback
language: Italian/English
isbn 9788877571557


Monographic catalogue of the sicilian artist published for the exhibition held at Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea in Siracusa. The book includes also a Compact Disk with music composed by Giuseppe Gavazza for sonorizing some of the artist’s works.
Alfredo Romano’s work gathers the transitoriness of becoming in forms and objects that express the ambivalence of reality and the human condition. This symbolic size becomes a concrete reality because of the use of ordinary materials for a new interpretation: wax, wood, marble, iron and fabric are used together and they refer to the lightness and at once to the heaviness of everyday life.
The bowls that compose ‘La stanza sorda’ (Deaf Room) refer to a popular culture, the pliers used for ‘Feritoie’ (Loops-holes) evoke the brutality and violence of our society and the plaits, the grills, the chairs, the bowls, the scythe “are not”, as the artist says, “objects. They are the sense of existence”.
The inner speech of Romano’s works meets the musical speech of Giuseppe Gavazza, an italian composer from Turin, to create the sounding installations called ‘N-Odi’. They express Alfredo Romano’s wish, when he says: “I would like my work to be like a song”.