Francesco Menzio. Autoritratto

texts by Paolo Menzio, Rolando Bellini, Airis R. Masiero, Mauro Chessa
pages 140
format 21 x 28 cm
date of publication: December 1999
images: 45
binding: paperback
language: Italian
isbn 98877571055


The catalogue documents the exhibition held to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Francesco Menzio’s birth at the Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti in Turin from 17 December 1999 to 13 February 2000. The exhibition, curated by Rolando Bellini, traced the entire life and work of one of the major protagonists of the group of the “six painters of Turin”, starting with a selection made by the curators in agreement with the artist’s children of self-portraits the artist painted throughout his life. In addition to a rich iconographic documentation, the volume includes texts, a critical biography and a focus on Menzio’s activity as a teacher at the Academy.

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