8 artisti, 8 critici, 8 stanze

edited by Dede Auregli, Peter Weiermair
texts by Fabriano Fabbri, Sabina Ghinassi, Silvia Grandi, Stefano Gualdi, Alice Rubbini, Serena Simoni, Valeria Tassinari, Cladia Zanfi
pages 8 books in splicase. 24 pages each
format 19 x 19 cm
date of pubblication January 2001
binding paperback on slipcase
images 19 each books
lenguage italian
isbn 98877571292


The book is the unusual catalogue of the exhibition, curated by Dede Auregli and Peter Weiermair, held at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Bologna from 26 January to 18 March 2001. The exhibition included the works of eight young artists presented by eight critics, interpreting the rooms of the Villa delle Rose and allowing each work a significant presence. Eight agile booklets make up the whole catalogue, placed in a box that holds and collates them. The pairs of artists/critics involved in the project are: Davide Bertocchi and Claudia Zanfi, Piero Cattani and Fabriano Fabbri, Andrea Chiesi and Valeria Tassinari, Flavio Favelli and Stefano Gualdi, Stefania Galegati and Serena Simoni, Luca Piovaccari and Sabina Ghinassi, Stefano Scheda and Alice Rubbini, Italo Zuffi and Silvia Grandi. Each volume includes images, a list of works and a detailed biography.