Botto & Bruno. Waiting for the early bus

texts by: Simona Brunetti, Marco Lodoli, Ludovico Pratesi
pages: 64
format: 14,5 x 21 cm
date of publication: March 2007
illustrations: 20 col. and b/w
binding: paperback
language: Italian/English
isbn 9788877572202


The ART IN THE CITY project aims to analyse the relationship between Italian artists of recent generations and the urban context through the realisation of projects designed specifically for the Cinecittà district, characterised by the presence of the film studios and the Cinecittàdue shopping centre, the only one in Italy to have an exhibition space within set aside expressly for contemporary art. ART IN THE CITY takes the form of a series of one-man shows dedicated to Italian artists of recent generations, displayed within the exhibition space at Cinecittàdue. Each of the artists invited is requested to interpret the genius loci of the Cinecittà district through a site-specific project realised for the occasion. Waiting for the early bus is the first result of the cycle, produced by Botto & Bruno, who have interpreted the relationship between the exhibition space and the urban context surrounding it. Botto & Bruno’s installation overturns the relationship between inside and outside, transforming the space into a portion of the city seen as a moment drawn from daily life and an open space in which the contradictions of the city outskirts are stressed, perceived as they are by the young as an alternative territory that is vital and alienating at the same time.

The book includes the photographic documentation of the site specific project and its work in progress. Essays are edited by Marco Lodoli, Ludovico Pratesi and Simona Brunetti.

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