Andrea Canobbio

Ritratto dell'autore da giovane statua


afterword by Dario Voltolini
pages: 120
format: 12 x 18 cm
publication date: October 2023
binding: softbound
language: Italian

isbn 9788877573049


Various satellites are gravitating around Andrea Canobbio's major production, whose greatest achievement was the monumental La traversata notturna (La nave di Teseo, 2022): short, apparently simple texts which delicately touch on autobiographical points, aspects of the author's own character. This 'Portrait' is one of them. Canobbio's writing is probably the clearest and most transparent among those in our language, and this elegant but coy characteristic highlights and conceals at the same time a complexity of composition which is always ironclad and extraordinarily articulate. Beneath the veil of the declared autobiographical value, this 'Ritratto' is above all a game of concealment and discovery conducted on several levels: the author comments on his own diary written in his youth (the management of distance and proximity is exquisite), demolishing it, reconstructing it, fragmenting it and recomposing it. In this operation, Canobbio takes us inside his refined writing workshop and shows us some of his tools: the image, the photograph, the memory, the jigsaw puzzle, the box of precision instruments to apply to the confusion of chaos. This autobiographical satellite (not only 'auto' but also 'bio/graphic') can be described as a 'pearl'.

Andrea Canobbiowas born in 1962 in Turin, where he lives and works in publishing. His books are: the collection of short stories Vasi cinesi (Einaudi, 1989), with which he won the Grinzane opera prima prize and the Mondello opera prima prize; the novels Traslochi (Einaudi, 1992), Padri di padri (Einaudi, 1997), Indivisibili (Rizzoli, 2000), Strega prize finalist, Il naturale disordine delle cose (Einaudi, 2004), Brancati prize, and Tre anni luce (Feltrinelli, 2013), Mondello opera italiana prize; and finally the two short autobiographical texts Presentimento (Nottetempo, 2007) and Mostrarsi (Nottetempo, 2011). In 2022 he published the book La traversata notturna (La nave di Teseo), a finalist for the Strega Prize 2023.