Ernesto Aloia

Camere oscure

afterword by Dario Voltolini
pages: 88
format: 12 x 18 cm
publication date: February 2023
binding: softbound
language: Italian

isbn 9788877573070


"The house," writes Ernesto Aloia quoting Gaston Bachelard, "is one of the most powerful integrating elements for human thoughts, memories and dreams". The house is the family home, built in stone in 1930, a village house. The family branches out into the past, gradually losing sharpness, fading 'into great forgetfulness'. Aloia's lofty writing moves between the dark chambers of the house and people's lives, presenting the reader with a fluid series of images that move like a dancer on a tightrope in a shrewd balancing act. The outcome of such a unique touch is writing that is as powerfully evocative as it is seemingly rough.

A disenchanted narrator, deeply nourished by great literature, gentle by class and not by shyness, Ernesto Aloia sets up an enchanted ambience and does so with the concreteness of stones, he presents us with a vaporous object of ghosts and does so with a keen gaze, he invites us to a lush concert and does so in mute.


Ernesto Aloia is a writer from Turin born in 1965. He published for Minimum Fax the collections Chi si ricorda di Peter Szoke? (2003) and Sacra Fame dell'Oro (2006) followed by the novels I compagni del fuoco (Rizzoli, 2007), Paesaggio con incendio (Minimum Fax, 2011) and La vita riflessa (Bompiani, 2018).