Andrea Vitali

Storia di treni, ministri e minestrine

afterword by Dario Voltolini
pages: 104
format: 12 x 18 cm
publication date: April 2024
package: paperback
language: Italian

isbn 9788877573094


In order to finally solve the chronic adversity of Italian train delays on the scheduled timetable, an ingenious solution is found: timetables are abolished by law!
With a weakened, seemingly benevolent writing style, Andrea Vitali sets up a situation with fabulous tones that seems suspended in time. The apologue flows amusingly, with a grain of madness, dislocated from factual reality with millimetric precision, just enough (not a step too far) to welcome the reader into a pastime of blissful escapism.
Storia di treni, ministri e minestrine encloses a core of merciless, radical, bitter satire on our country in an operation of refined realism. Only by fully mastering the art of storytelling is it possible to hang an entire story from an initial paradox that continually generates others, until a mocking, circular closure. This dystopian but backwards-looking Italy (trains, yes, but with a 19th-century flavour, one might say) is the contraption that Vitali gives us to sing along with him this small, devastating, surrendered, light-hearted taunting about our country. He does so with skill, amusement and cruelty.


Andrea Vitali was born in Bellano, on Lake Como, in 1956, where he has always lived, practising as a doctor until 2013 and then devoting himself solely to writing. His debut novel was Il procuratore (Camunia Editore) in 1990. His most recent titles are Genitori cercasi (Einaudi, 2024) and Sua eccellenza perde un pezzo (Garzanti, 2024). He currently collaborates with Il Fatto Quotidiano.