Evelina Santangelo

La promessa del ritorno

afterword by Dario Voltolini
pages: 80
format: 12 x 18 cm
publication date: June 2024
package: paperback
language: Italian

isbn 9788877573155



Different animals stand out in the world created by Santangelo, a raw, violent world. A wild panther struggles against the submissiveness and carelessness of men, a family of tuna seek revenge before fierce hands that crush, two dogs fight clandestinely without meaning to, a boy still searches for 'tomorrow', together with his grandfather and his hen, his eyes full of hope and wonder as he admires the flying rocket still on the ground. One strolls between past and present, through ancient Rome, in the arena of the Colosseum, among fishing boats overlooking a sea full of blood, amidst floating cages and a sky full of stars.

Story titles: 'The Panther Who Lived Three Times'; 'The Pit'; 'Revenge of the Tuna'; 'The Promise of Return'.

Essay: 'Why write fairy tales today'.


Evelina Santangelo is a writer, editor and teacher of Storytelling Techniques. For Einaudi she published the short stories "L'occhio cieco del mondo" (The Blind Eye of the World) and several novels, among them: "Il giorno degli orsi volanti" (The Day of the Flying Bears, 2005), "Senzaterra" (Landless, 2008) and "Da un altro mondo" (From Another World, 2018; Book of the year 2018 Fahrenheit, Rai Radio 3; Premio Feudo di Maida 17th edition; Superpremio Sciascia-Racalmare 30th edition; Premio Pozzale Luigi Russo 67th edition). His latest book was published by Einaudi in 2023 "Il sentimento del mare" (The feeling of the sea; Costa Smeralda Prize). Again for Einaudi, he edited Terra matta by Vincenzo Rabito, translated "Firmino" by Sam Savage and "Rock 'n' Roll" by Tom Stoppard. His articles have appeared in national newspapers, blogs and weeklies. He collaborates with the weekly L'Espresso.