Marta Cai



afterword by Dario Voltolini
pages: 152
format: 12 x 18 cm
publication date: October 2023
binding: softbound
language: Italian

isbn 9788877573032


short stories

Marta Cai's writing is difficult to frame: one can only be taken aback by the innovation of her style, of her thought, of her approach, and of the relationship between the word and the sense it makes. The unusual mixture of intelligence and sensoriality, the mirroring between syntactic development and perceptive gestures of this author give us these 'Brasilampi'. They are texts reminiscent of the so-called 'chronicles', short compositions without genre, epiphanies of the every day or reflections on the highest systems where everything is allowed, except the obvious, solidly present in Brazilian literature but not so codified in Europe. Marta Cai, who recently moved from Italy to Brazil,  does not tell us about Brazil, she does not force it into categories, into descriptions, into interpretations, but she allows herself to be permeated by it. She thus reaches a fascinating space, as much geographical as interior. She enters (and so we do) into an ancestral glade of non-understanding, of pre-verbal impact with what exists. She registers in its presence, like a highly sensitive seismograph, her own native illuminations, as if they were lullabies (when in fact they are vertiginous lexical and syntactic acrobatics). Thus from Brazil flash unexpected flashes, expertly set up in a hidden but powerful, circular, omnipresent structure. We cannot call them "short stories", although they are peopled by characters caught in peculiar moments; we cannot call them "chapters of a novel", although the author composes them in a unitary narrative arc; we cannot call them "sketches", although the writer also proceeds here, as in her previous works (Enti di ragione, SuiGeneris, 2019 and Centomilioni, Einaudi, 2023), with rapid angles, unexpected divarications, unpredictable coring into the depths. We can call them 'Brasilampi', and so we will.


Marta Cai was born in Canelli in 1980 and has lived for some years in Curitiba, Brazil. Some of her short stories have been published in magazines ("inutile", "il Reportage"), in anthologies (Ti racconto una canzone, Arcana 2022; Overlook loop, Collana Trema Edizioni Arcoiris 2023; Splendere ai margini, Oligo Editore 2023) and in 2019 in the collection Enti di ragione (Edizioni SuiGeneris). For Einaudi, he published Centomilioni (2023), premio Campiello finalist, and for Tetra Edizioni Tipopsicanalisi (2023).