Art History
  • Ivana Mulatero
    Petra Probst

    Farinello a Palazzo Madama

    pages: 16
    format: 17 x 23,5 cm
    date of publication: 2001
    images: 16
    binding: paperback
    language: Italian
    isbn 9788877571434


    A lively guide to the history and decorations of Turin’s historic Palazzo Madama, the booklet is designed for younger readers and visitors. It follows a historical path illustrating the complex story of the building, from its Roman foundations to its medieval extensions, and from the stately Baroque palace to D’Andrade's interventions, and on to the Subalpine Parliament and the site of the Risorgimento to the more recent restoration work that has given the city a place that is a symbol of Turin and its history. The texts by Ivana Mulatero are accompanied by a character called Farinello, illustrated by Petra Probst.
  • IL ‘900 IN FOTOGRAFIA e il caso torinese

    text by Marina Miraglia
    pages: 280
    format: 21,5 x 31,5 cm
    date of publication: May 2001
    images: 144 b/n 45 col.
    binding: hardback
    language: Italian
    isbn 8877571098


    This book, supported by the Fondazione Guido and Ettore De Fornaris, is a wide-ranging study focusing on twentieth-century photography, and opens with an introductory text by Marina Miraglia, divided into two parts, the first of which covers the period from the beginning of the twentieth century to the 1940s, and the second covering the early 1950s to the most recent examples. The iconographic section recounts the experience in Turin, from shots taken by Mario Gabinio and Stefano Bricarelli in the 1920s and 1930s to the artistic photographs of Carlo Mollino, the photographic report portraying the city after the war and during the most significant events of the 1960s, the anthropological photographs of Ando Gilardi and Paola Agosti, the shots of Paolo Pellion documenting the artistic events of the 1970s, and the photo-works of Paolo Mussat. The book concludes by focusing on some of the most significant contemporary work, with the photographs of young artists, amongst whom Maura Banfo, Botto & Bruno, Luisa Rabbia and Giulia Caira, who use photography as a means of expressing their art.
  • Gian Enzo Sperone. Torino Roma New York. 35 anni di mostre tra Europa e America

    texts by Robert Rosenblum, Maria Cristina Mundici, Anna Minola, Maria Teresa Roberto, Francesco Poli
    pages: 508
    format: 22 x 28 cm
    date of publication: May 2000
    images: more than 900, b/w and col.
    binding: 2 tomes in slipcase
    language: Italian/English
    isbn 8877571047


    Founded in Turin in 1963, Sperone Gallery hosted extreme and different art forms: Pop Art, Arte Povera, New Dada, Minimalism, Conceptual Art and Transavanguard, have found in this space a sure landmark that have let artists and critics cross national boundaries. The book, made up of 2 tomes, describes Sperone Gallery’s history through a large documentation of photographs of the exhibitions of more than 150 artists, hosted in Turin, Rome and New York. The first tome, centred around the activity at the gallery in Turin from 1963 to 1972, includes the texts by the authors; the opening of the new spaces in Rome and New York marks the beginning of the second tome, that speaks about art exhibitions organized from 1972 to 1999, and ends with a chronological and geographical list of all the exhibitions and of all the artists. The pages, in chronological sequence, tell Sperone Gallery's history, draw the route and its most important stages, through views of the fittings of the exhibitions, photographs of the artworks, invitations, texts taken from the original catalogues and from newspapers articles. All the archive material is the result of a deep research made by the authors Anna Minola, Maria Cristina Mundici, Francesco Poli and Maria Teresa Roberto, each of them studying in depht with an essay an important period of the Gallery’s activity, that gives the book the charactheristic of being both critical and historical. The book offers an interesting interpretation of contemporary art history, here rivisited through unpublished and unusual images that let fully understand the fervour and enthusiasm that always go with the artistic choises of this historical gallery. The book is published with the contribute of Regione Piemonte.
  • Pellizza Da Volpedo

    Pellizza da Volpedo. Diari torinesi 1891

    pages: 55
    format: 12 x 15 cm
    date of publication: May 2000
    images: 28
    binding: paperback
    language: Italian
    isbn 8877571152


    This small book collects and orders chronologically most of the notes written by Giuseppe Pellizza in Turin in September-October 1891, when he tried his hand in the competition for the national artistic pension. The notes belong to three different notebooks, one of which is preserved in Giuseppe Pellizza’s studio-museum in Volpedo. The transcriptions are by Pierluigi Pernigotti for the Volpedo notebook, and Virgilio Giacomo Bono and Aurora Scotti Tosini for the other two.
  • Costruire una collezione. Arte moderna a Torino III

    a cura di Riccardo Passoni
    pagine 308
    formato 21,5 x 31,5 cm
    data di pubblicazione marzo 1999
    confezione cartonato
    immagini 357
    lingua italiano
    isbn 98877570938


    Published by the Fondazione Guido ed Ettore De Fornaris on the occasion of the “Costruire una collezione. Nuove Acquisizioni 1994-1998” (Building a collection. New Acquisitions 1994-1998) exhibition, the volume constitutes the catalogue of the acquisitions of the previous five years and bears witness to the workcarried out by the Foundation in conformity with the cultural guidelines provided by the Artistic Commission. The book, edited by Riccardo Passoni, is the third catalogue produced so far: with the two previous ones, published in 1986 and 1993, almost twenty years of De Fornaris’ activity are thus summed up. This activity has enabled the more than one thousand works acquired by the Foundation to enrich the holdings of the Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Torino.
  • Remo Guidieri

    Fantasmagoria di icona e feticcio

    pages: 169
    format: 16 x 22,5 cm
    date of publication: November 1998
    binding: paperback
    language: Italian
    isbn 978877570871


    From the evocation of Bronislaw Malinowsky's maiden voyage to Melanesia, to the re-evocation of Joseph Conrad’s ascent into the “Heart of Darkness”, the unfolding and phantasmagoria of the ten essays by Remo Guidieri that make up this volume unfold between the foundation of modern anthropology and the birth of the clash of cultures in the reflection of the consciousness of the West. At the end of the collection, Guidieri himself reconstructs and discusses his own intellectual adventure in conversations with the book’s editor, Andrea Borsari.