Art catalogues
  • Costruire una collezione. Arte moderna a Torino III

    a cura di Riccardo Passoni
    pagine 308
    formato 21,5 x 31,5 cm
    data di pubblicazione marzo 1999
    confezione cartonato
    immagini 357
    lingua italiano
    isbn 98877570938


    Published by the Fondazione Guido ed Ettore De Fornaris on the occasion of the “Costruire una collezione. Nuove Acquisizioni 1994-1998” (Building a collection. New Acquisitions 1994-1998) exhibition, the volume constitutes the catalogue of the acquisitions of the previous five years and bears witness to the workcarried out by the Foundation in conformity with the cultural guidelines provided by the Artistic Commission. The book, edited by Riccardo Passoni, is the third catalogue produced so far: with the two previous ones, published in 1986 and 1993, almost twenty years of De Fornaris’ activity are thus summed up. This activity has enabled the more than one thousand works acquired by the Foundation to enrich the holdings of the Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Torino.
  • artecittà. 11 Artisti per il Passante Ferroviario di Torino

    edited by Cristina Mundici
    texts by Augusto Cagnardi, Rudy Fuchs
    pages 52
    format 21,5 x 28 cm
    published March 1998
    binding softbound
    images 48
    language Italian/English
    isbn 98877570830


    The book refers to the exhibition resulting from the project, curated by Rudi Fuchs and Cristina Mundici, for a major urban art intervention on the new boulevard created by the covering of Turin’s Passante Ferroviario (a new tunnel where previously the railway ran on the surface). The project brings together eleven of the best-known and internationally recognised Italian and foreign artists, who have been asked to interpret the theme of public commissions, offering not only the imprint of their own creativity but also a different configuration of the urban intervention: from fountain to door, from monument to practicable sculpture. The exhibition, held at the GAM in Turin from 19 March to 25 April 1998, is documented in this volume with images of the installation and the projects conceived by the artists.
  • Remo Salvadori

    edited by Bruno Corà
    texts by Bruno Corà, Bettina Della Casa, Giuseppe Leonelli, Giorgio Maragliano, Pieluigi Tazzi, Tommaso Trini
    pages 248
    format 24 x 30 cm
    date of bublication october 1997
    binding softbound
    images 231
    lenguage Italian/English
    isbn 98877570802


    Catalogue of the artist’s solo exhibition at the Pecci Museum in Prato, curated by Bruno Corà, from 31 October 1997 to 25 January 1998, the volume – which comprehensively documents Salvadori’s artistic career from the 1970s to the 1998 – opens with an essay by Bruno Corà and is followed by critical contributions by Bettina della Casa, Giuseppe Leonelli, Giorgio Maragliano, Pierluigi Tazzi and Tommaso Trini, among others, a poem by Barouh Benvensite and completed by the biographical and bibliographical apparatus edited by Sally Benjamin Salvadori.
  • Giuseppe Penone

    texts by Guy Tosatto, Hendrik Driessen, Georges Didi-Huberman, Danilo Eccher
    pages 224
    format 18 x 30 cm
    published June 1997
    binding softbound
    images 163
    language Italian/French
    isbn 98877570695


    This catalogue and book was published on the occasion of Giuseppe Penone’s travelling solo exhibition, organised in three venues (Nîmes, 6 June - 7 September 1997, Tilburg, 11 October 1997 - 8 February 1998, Trento, 6 March - 3 May 1998) by the Carré d'Art - Musée d'Art Contemporain de Nîmes, the De Pont Foundation for Contemporary Art of Tilburg and the Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea of Trento. It includes a large number of reproductions of works conceived throughout the career of the artist from Tilburg, as well as texts by the artist and critical contributions by Guy Tosatto, curator of the exhibition, and Georges Didi-Huberman.
  • Marco Gastini

    pages: 115
    format: 23 x 27 cm
    date of publication: January 1993
    binding: paperback
    language: Italian
    isbn 9788877570475


    The book is the catalogue of the solo exhibition that the Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea of Trento dedicated to the work of the Turinese artist Marco Gastini from 22 January to 13 March 1993. Besides the rich iconographic apparatus, the volume opens with a critical essay by Danilo Eccher, followed by a contribution by Francesco Poli and texts by Lisa Parola, one of which is dedicated to the artist’s most recent works at the time. Parola is also responsible for the extensive biographical and bibliographical notes that closes the catalogue.
  • Villa delle Rose. The last garden

    edited by Dede Auregli
    texts by Dede Auregli, Stefano Zecchi
    pages: 111
    format: 21,5 x 28 cm
    date of publication: January 1993
    images: 29
    binding: paperback
    language: Italian/English
    isbn 8877570482


    This book forms the catalogue of the group exhibition of the same name, curated by Dede Auregli, held at the Villa delle Rose in Bologna from 24 January to 11 April 1993. The group exhibition, with works by international artists such as Massimo Barzagli, Thomas Bernstein, Vittorio Corsini, Thomas Grünfeld, Vincent Shine, Wastijn & Deschuymer and Craig Wood, reflects on the theme of nature and landscape, on its logical representation and on the multiple directions of meaning that this theme suggests to the sensitivity of contemporary artists. In addition to an introductory text by the curator, the volume includes an essay by Stefano Zecchi.