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    Ibtisam Azem

    Il libro della scomparsa

    La stanza del mondo

    translation by Barbara Teresi
    pages: 184
    format: 16 x 22,5 cm
    date of publication: May 2021
    binding: softbound
    language: Italian
    isbn 9788877572813




    Something’s happened, an event shrouded in mystery: around midnight, a night like any other night, all Palestinians have disappeared, vanished into thin air. Nobody knows where drivers, farm labourer, doctors, nurses, elderly and young people have gone. What if there were no more Palestinians? What could happen to the Israelis? What could happen in everyone’s life if there was no more the enemy, the scapegoat, the alibi? The Palestinian writer Ibtisam Azem presents one of the most groundbreaking novels of the Arab literary scene.   Ibtisam Azem, a Palestinian journalist and writer, has published two novels in Arabic: Sariq al-Nawm (The Sleeping Thief, 2011) and Sifr al-Ikhtifaa (The Book of Disappearance, 2014), both for Dar al-Jamal (Beirut, Baghdad and Freiberg am Neckar). The Book of Disappearance finally arrives in the Italian version. Born and raised in Taybeh, in the north of Jaffa, Ibtisam Azem has studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and later at the University of Freiburg in Germany. She works as a journalist in New York for the Arabic newspaper “al-Araby al-Jadeed” and as co-editor in chief of the “ezine Jadaliyya”.
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    Music CD

    Music: Willy Merz (Hymne à Apollon, Dhil), Davide Lopes e Vito Amato (interlude 1, interlude 3), Nicola Mogavero (Trayectorias 30S), Alessandro Librio (interlude 2), Bruno Maderna (Serenata per un satellite), Gianluca Cangemi (Om Silki [Il sogno di Pytheas]), Giovanni Di Giandomenico (Conversazione di frontiera)

    Text: Costanza Minafra, Conversazione di frontiera

    Players : Edicson Ruiz double bass in Dhil, Costanza Minafra voice Conversazione di frontiera, Giovanni Di Giandomenico elettronica and sound design Conversazione di frontiera

    Wadi: Roberta Casella harp | Nicola Mogavero saxophone  | Emanuele Anzalone clarinet | Mario Romeo accordion | Mauro Schembri mandolin | Davide Lopes bağlama | Sergio Calì xylomarimba | Vito Amato frame drums and percussion | Domenico Marco violin | Alessandro Librio viola | Paolo Pellegrino cello | Luca Rinaudo sound design

    ISBN 9788877572851


    The first album by the WADI ensemble, born of the collaboration and the support of Fondazione Merz, Almendra Music, and hopefulmonster editore. The Leiðarvísir musical project (in Icelandic “itinerary, guide”) is the response of a world which does not surrender to the inevitability of the climate and civilization catastrophe, among pandemics and increasing social precariousness. To the spirit of a widespread alarm Leiðarvísir opposes a vision which is ancient and very contemporary at the same time, aimed at remapping the paths of sensitivity and imagination. Through the compositions, improvisations and interpretations of the Wadi musicians, the original sound story of journeys which have really happened in the past, a remote and close one, unravels: the astonishment of the Great North by a geographer of the 4th century B.C., the impossible escape to the Middle East in 1939 of two European female writers and photographers, the itinerary of a monk in the 12th century from the heart of Iceland to the Holy Land, the explorations of the probes sent by today’s humans beyond the boundaries of the solar system.